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"Type The Sky" - by Lisa Reinermann

A few weeks ago as part of our course, we visited Poole Quay and collected visual information, to use in an illustration (i like how that rhymes :P).

As we all had pretty much the same area to explore, i wanted to do something different, and so made an alphabet using photos i’d taken of letter shapes  “hidden” in and around the quay (similar to "Type The Sky" by Lisa Reinemann). 

One thing that always catches my attention in the artworld is an artist who is visionary enough to think outside of the conventions of a frame, gallery space, or target audience, and to make -or take- their art out into the world for the enjoyment of who knows!

That in mind, today i came across Sandrine Estrade Boulet’s urban illustrations, and they were -scuse the pun- right up my street! Hopefully you’ll get time to look at his website (see link). What i like most about Boulet’s work is that it often focusses on the mundane elements of our environment (like rubbish bags or parking bollards) and makes them into something that you want to stop and look at rather than pass by…. and i like art that does that, art which makes the mundane extraordinary. There should be more around. :)

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